Panthera - Senior Project

As a culmination of our district's educational requirements, we feel it is important for students to make a transition from the academic skills and knowledge that have been acquired to the practical, real life work experience where knowledge and skills are applied. Panthera or senior project is a vehicle to bring these together in a hands-on project, an accompanying paper and oral presentation about the experience. These components together meet state graduation requirements.

Panthera is a demonstration of an educational experience of the student's own choosing and design and a capstone project for graduation. The written and oral components of Panthera must be passed with a score of four to graduate from Imbler High School. The physical project must be passed by reaching 75% of the goals and activities that students have set for themselves. Students will receive a letter grade for Panthera, but the grade will be calculated as a part of their GPA.

The senior project committee is comprised of five high school teachers: Mr. Dustan Adams, Mrs. Nicholle Arnoldus, Mr. JD Cant, Mrs. Kathryn Creech, and Mrs. Jennifer Teeter. These advisers help guide the students throughout the phases of their senior project in order to ensure that each student is successful. Please feel free to contact these advisers, if you have any questions regarding the senior project.