All officers are required to take a Business Leadership Class for the 2020-2021 school year 

Chapter President: 

  • Oversee all activities 
  • Schedule regular chapter and officer meetings 
  • Plan & organize meeting agendas 
  • Set goals for the officer team 
  • Organize members for competitive events at the regional & state competitions 
  • Excuse lists to teachers 
  • Help prepare the Local Annual Business Report 

Chapter Vice President: 

  • Assist President with all planning & activities 
  • Assist President with registration processes and other events 
  • Assist Publicity Director with Newsletter and send it out each month 
  • Advise younger members 
  • Help prepare the Local Chapter Annual Business Report 


  • Maintain and keep accurate minutes of chapter and officer meetings
  • Set-up and maintain member lists 
  • Help prepare the Local Chapter Business Report 
  • Oversee Student Store Accounts
  • Update chapter website periodically  

Business Manager:

  • Keep accurate records of all financial information 
  • Organize and file all FBLA paperwork 
  • Pay FBLA Bills 
  • Manage concession stands including set-up, management, inventorying, etc. 

Publicity Director:

  • Log photos from the year to be used in completing the chapter scrapbook 
  • Monthly activity articles to the school newsletter 
  • Keep in contact with the local newspaper to publicize chapter events 
  • Send memos to members when needed 
  • Publicize and advertise for the chapter 

Event Coordinator:

  • Assist in organizing and overseeing all community service projects 
  • Plan activities for recruitment of members and development of the chapter 
  • Appoint committees to help with planning 
  • Develop new activities for member involvement 
  • Oversee the Business Achievement Awards Program for chapter 
  • Planning of field trip activities for the SBLC

Community Service Representative: 

  • Organize and oversee all community service projects 
  • Set goals for community service projects 
  • Appoint committees to help with planning 
  • Create new projects 
  • Continue the success of major, annual projects 
  • Prepare the Community Service Report