Daily Time Schedule

In the elementary, the school bell will ring at 8:00 AM, students are tardy at 8:10 AM. The doors open at 7:45 AM. We ask that students do not arrive before 7:45 AM. Students eating breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria to receive their breakfast and take it to the classroom to eat.

Grades K-3 are released at 3:10 PM and grades 4-6 dismiss at 3:15 PM. Friday's are Google Classroom contact from home unless, your student is needing one-on-one help.  Should you need transportation for this day (Friday) please contact the classroom teacher or office. The bus will run for these students and will depart at 10:00 AM.

In the high school, classes begin at 8:15 AM and end at 3:20 PM. Buses for all students depart at 3:25 PM.  All Jr/Sr High students can pick up breakfast in the concession stand and will take it to their first period class to eat.  All students are asked not come to school prior to 7:45 AM and should go directly to their first period class.