We are extremely grateful to see interest in serving on the Imbler School District Board of Directors! Tonight, the school board sponsored a forum-style event in which each candidate could present themselves to voters. This video is unfortunately attached in two parts, however, we have included reference times below. Please take a look at the presentation of each quality candidate who has offered themselves to serve on the incoming school board.

Ken Patterson's opening remarks: Begin-3:50 of Video I

Position 3:
Joseph "Joe" Fisher, 3:55-7:30 of Video I
Tim Phelps, 7:40-16:25 of Video I
Bud Whitcomb, 16:40-19:40 of Video I

Position 4:
Pam Glenn, 19:55-22:20 of Video I

Position 5:
Jason Beck, 22:40-28:40 of Video I
Lavar Bowles, 29:00-end of Video I, begin-6:30 of Video II

Ken Patterson's closing remarks: 6:35-end of Video II