Continued In-Person Instruction!


I'm happy to report I was able to make this announcement this afternoon!

Good afternoon, Panthers!

This is Mrs. LC with an important message. As many of you know, the Oregon Department of Education previously stated that schools operating in-person would be required to transition to distance learning if their county was in the extreme category. We just received information from ODE recalling the previous guidelines. We will be allowed to continue in-person instruction and will only be required to transition to distance learning if:

  • The school experiences unrelated individual cases in two or more separate cohorts without a known source of exposure;

  • The school experiences two or more clusters (2 or more confirmed cases) with onset within 14 days of one another;

  • The school is unable to maintain staff capacity to adequately serve students or maintain compliance with Sections 1-8 of the guidance (Sections 1-3 for private schools); or

  • The school is found to be out-of-compliance with Sections 1-3 of this guidance.

I look forward to seeing you all back in our building after Christmas break!

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who spent the time and energy to fight for our students!!!