December 3, 2020


I am so thankful that we have served our students in person throughout this school year. As many of you know, small schools in Union County have been allowed to stay in-person due to a hold harmless clause in the most recent guidance from ODE. The guidance also states that schools must transition to comprehensive distance learning (CDL) by January 4, 2021, if they are in session due to a prior exemption. As I mentioned in yesterday’s correspondence, we are fighting to keep our students in school. However, with current Union County numbers, we also need to plan for the possibility of having to transition to CDL. We need your help in developing that plan.

We can bring students into the building for Limited In-Person Instruction. As the name implies, there are limits on accommodating students. Here is a summary:

  • Cohort groups are limited to no more than twenty students at a given time.

  • Students cannot be part of more than two cohorts (including transportation) in any given week.

  • Any staff member (even in multiple roles) can not interact with more than three cohorts in a given day and five in a week.

  • The time a single student or student cohort of any size can spend in a school building on a given day is limited to two consecutive hours and cannot be intermittent.

We believe students learn best in the building. However, we also understand that the restriction of only two hours per day may cause more of a burden for families when trying to locate child care. It is helpful for us to know your thoughts on how to meet your family’s needs best. If you could take just a few minutes to complete this survey, your efforts will help our planning process. Please complete the survey by Wednesday, December 9.


Angie Lakey-Campbell 

Superintendent/Elementary Principal