Imbler Community,

            Over the past two days, I have spent many hours in meetings trying to interpret the state’s most recent metrics for schools reopening. According to my interpretation, Imbler School District will be hosting on-site learning to our students, assuming that the county numbers stay where they are at this time. We look forward to connecting once again with our students!

            With that said, we understand that every family’s situation is different, and on-site education may not be a good fit at this time. I have talked with several of you over the past few days trying to answer questions you may have about the different programs available. If you continue to have questions, please feel free to give me a call or stop by the elementary office. 

            Many of you registered your child(ren) over the past two days, and we thank you for your time and patience. If you have not yet registered, please contact the appropriate school office to make arrangements. If you plan to use an option other than on-site, we ask that you contact us if you have not already done so because limits on cohort size make a difference in how we can offer our services. Also, we will need to know if your child will not be riding the bus. Social distancing requirements limit the number of students we can transport. If you know your child won’t be riding, it helps us in our planning process.